The Lost Atoms

by Esma

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“Come you lost Atoms to your Centre draw,

And be the Eternal Mirror that you saw:

Rays that have wander'd into Darkness wide

Return and back into your Sun subside.”

The idea of “The Lost Atoms” comes from these few lines which are found in “Il Verbo degli Uccelli (Mantiq at-tair )” a Persian poem written in 1177 by Farid ud-Din Attar. “The Lost Atoms” or “The Last Atoms”, a single letter can change everything and the title becomes ambiguous. Infact, the thirteen songs in this album are ambiguous: the last atoms, lost at the edge of existence, adrift from energy where everything loses its true dimension and remains naked without shape. A trip by yourself towards yourself, a perfect circle, looking for a road leading to the central atom, Xibalba. The door to somewheres else. A labyrinth. A pebbled road. Light and shadow chasing each other. Seasons. Sounds. Noise. First broken up and then in order. A string quartet, piano, synthesizer and others, many instruments. The titles of the songs suggest their nature. Amongst them there are fragments of some of William Butler Yeats' poems, of his rappor with the Earth. Then, the return. Like a storm in a bathtub. A glance through a window shows you importance, diversity, pure concept. The Imperfects. The Almost Adapted. We are them. The “Last Atoms”. Minds searching for the edge of quantistic reality. Nearing the Pneumatic Void, where everything stops. There matter becomes particular and static. Observation of a cosmic explosion, where all the elements are separated. Music doesn't mean only listening, but also transformation. The sound takes the mind towards other memories. The secret of this trip is in simplicity. It proceeds backwards. Intense. Full. Empty. Moments. And only the primordal silence remains.

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released March 9, 2012

Music composed and performed by Esma.
Produced and recorded at the Slanting Shelter.
Released by "La cantina appena sotto la vita".



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Moreau Italy

Writer. Conceptual artist. Dreamer. He works as a graphic designer for products, companies and cultural projects, realizing the concept of some events in Krakow, Montreal, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok. Composer and musician in the field of Transcendentalism, he plays piano and cello, dividing and mixing modern classical, electronic and minimal music in a cinematic way. ... more

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