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by Esma

Seijin 06:26
Solo Ritorno 09:26
Lampyridæ 04:17


Noon: midday. Approx. A middle hour that marks the rest time of workers, in our common time. From the Latin 'nona hora', the ninth hour of the day. The pause after the action. To look away from our lives, our achievements, our creations. Nine: a magic number. Mystical knowledge. The great mystery. The end of the research. God. The one who comes after the rebirth, after the sacred elusive silence of the number eight. The first cause that has no other causes except itself. The Middle. Mid-day. Noon. Strangely enough, a palindrome word, which also sounds like no-on or off, without motion, without ignition, because afterall this is the meaning of rest. An eternal return.
Therefore, where is God? Of course in the center. Centrum est in trigono centri. He is there, between notes, well protected in the interstice between two mathematical harmonics. But you have to search him if you wanto to find him. So this is the recipe: give voice to the transformation of the instruments. Transfiguration. Nothing is what it seems. Inframusic. As infrasound. Something hidden between sounds. Something subtle. Vibration. Someone who speaks, behind the noise. Barely perceptible. Try it. Turn up the volume of your subwoofers, hush everything around you, prepare your ears. And listen. Noon will appear you as a concert for something that is missing, something of which remains only the mark, the shape, the absence. A vacuum in which the voice of the piano, of the accordion or of a violin is lost, and transmutes.


released October 15, 2008

Music composed and performed by Esma.


all rights reserved



Moreau Italy

Conceptual artist. Electronic musician. Designer. Creative. Dreamer. I work as a music composer for films, games, contemporary dance + theatre and digital art installations, performing live with a set of digital/analog instruments, such as piano, synth and touch devices, mixing up different genres such as modern classical, experimental electronic and ambient synthwave, with a cinematic result. ... more

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