Songs for the End of the World

by Esma



Songs for the end of the world. A real or purely conceptual end. The end of a fable, of an adventure, of a journey. Here's an overview on human nature: a research on the loss, the abandonment, the general sense of the end. The closing of a parenthesis. Say goodbye to the old individual personality to embrace a new standardized identity, song of the great void, song of Nonlieux. Say goodbye to the old days, to the routine, to the old humanity, overcome by the new humanity, devoid of content, devoid of a true Nature. Pending the abyss, pending the fall, pending the end, precisely. Everything changes. Here's an album to listen fully, a world of sounds to live as a perceptive experience, a deeply pessimistic overview on the sense of impermanence. Certainly zen, with some hints of sci-fi Orwellian irony, a melancholic aftertaste of lengthened coffee, the shadow of a spell that goes away. There are no real instruments. Every sound you're about to hear is the result of live electronic synthesizers. Artificial. As the new post-human nature.
We begin this last trip with the concept of consumption, that opens and closes the album. Two songs dedicated to the recent natural disaster in Japan, a due dedication. Tokyo, in the background. A trip through the electropunk distortions of a "Plastic Theology", a new synthetic beauty for new perfect humans. The sinking of the mind goes through other songs for the end of the world. "Positronium", the song of the antimatter, drone/ambient of a metropolitan underworld. "Mothertongue", unified language for a new globalized world. "Die Möglichkeit", the possibility, dark punk slightly hinted on harmonic waves in de-evolution. The ears and consciousness lands on "Unigender", final unification of sexuality, a world where there's no distinction between male and female, the last act of removal from the "old shape" before the inevitable conclusion. Remains to live only the last day on Earth. Before the change.


released March 17, 2011

Music composed and performed by Esma.


all rights reserved



Moreau Italy

Conceptual artist. Designer. Musician. Dreamer. I work as a graphic designer and creative director for brands, companies and cultural projects in Krakòw, Montréal, Taipei, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Bangkok, where I also performed live. I play piano and keyboards, mixing up different genres such as electronic, modern classical and minimal music, always in a strong cinematic way. ... more

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